Dear Wombs,

You were not created to simply help or mate, you were created as whole FIRST.

What you decide to do with your wholeness is up to you. You are the gateway to life.

Remember being wild? 

Remember being?


Well, you were.

We ALL were.

We all can return, too.

When’s the last time you were naked and unafraid? Danced, or at least stood, in the rain? Let it drench you. When’s the last time you said, “FUCK!” because you loved the way the /k/ sound hit hard in the back of your throat?

When did you last spend a day without any screens – no tv, no cell phone, no laptop, no shade(s)…

Laughed until you cried lately?

Remember that thing you used to love doing when you were a girl? When’s the last time you did that?

When’s the last time you did something you didn’t believe you could do? It could be telling the truth or singing soberly at karaoke…it could be asking for what you want or saying no with no further ado.

When’s the last time you didn’t ask for permission or agreement before deciding for YOU?

Let me tell you: Time will not wait. And neither should you.

Never, ever, ever let this world tame you. Be unsettled until you return to this truth:

WE were born to be WILD.

WE were born to BE

WE were born to

WE were BORN

We were



There was nothing proper about her — she stared too long, never wore bras and laughed at others’ mishaps, if it so struck her fancy. She was ill-trained in the way of apology, and she sauntered everywhere she went, even funerals and dinner parties, where everyone was coupled except her.

Her behavior had no exceptions. She had no version of herself, and this was her greatest sin. Nobody could claim her – neither as mother nor child, friend nor foe, neither wife nor lover. She was her own. Of course, she was acquainted with many, and maybe known by a few, but she never connected in that way that keeps women frightened into being well-behaved and so-called “responsible.” 

No, she responded only to an inner voice that others either didn’t hear, or didn’t trust (if they did hear it). And this made her a threat. Her center was pleasure, and her delight was mutable. Eyes burning with curiosity, people often felt she judged them. More than likely it was amusement – an amusement with the pervasive game of charades that initiated everyone else into the world of propriety — a game she herself never cared for, and refused to play.


© 2017. All Rights Reserved. Asha Tane.