Day 26: Presence

Presence is being with (giving undivided attention, availing oneself) to all that is. Since starting this practice of Ho’oponopono, I’ve experienced a carousel of emotions – some connected to vivid, evocative daydreams, others simply washing through with disarming visceral effects.  Sadness…angst…curiosity…pensiveness…anger…hope…fatigue… They’ve come and gone, often melting into one another becoming an indescribable iridescent cocktail of emotions…Read more »

Day 13: Fear

The only thing “wrong” is that you think something’s wrong. -My Mama Fear gets a bad rap, but I’ve decided to befriend the old bastard. Fear has become that girlfriend that always got some shit to say about something I don’t particularly want to talk about, yet contains a kernel of necessary truth that I…Read more »

Day 9: Keep Making Time

“Spending quality time with those you love – and who love you back – is the best way to make time matter.”        -Something within For years, I was ashamed of not “having my own place.” Not only could I feel other’s judgment of my seeming “developmental delay” in embracing Western society’s understanding…Read more »