Day 24: Forgiveness

There is immense power in forgiveness, one that I frequently overlook because forgiveness is often my last resort to healing.   When in conflict, I’ll try everything else: the cold shoulder the cuss out/adult tantrum lying (rare, but done it) pretending everything’s okay when it isn’t going to therapy trying to “fix” others the waiting game…Read more »

Day 21: Destiny

“We all lose our focus, but the destination doesn’t change.” – my mama My mother dropped this wisdom on me today, and with it came the aha moment of the century. A true Aquarian, I’m easily distracted: if it’s not the obvious, it’s the unknown. If not the actual, the imaginary – or anything in between.…Read more »

Day 14: Commitment

When I began this retreat, I had only TWO questions to which I sought answers:  “What is the active ingredient that will help me take my life to the next level?  and  “How do I activate it?” When I first received the answer, I didn’t like it. It’s a trait that I’ve always admired in others,…Read more »

Day 11: Risk

“The problem isn’t in growing up; it’s in forgetting.” – “The Little Prince” (paraphrased) Living soulfully always requires risk. I began this journey to find my way back to living a life that’s lit from within…one that cuddles the intangible. I missed long easy laughs, sweet conversations, play dates on summer nights and writing poetry all evening…Read more »

Day 5: Keep Focus

“The ability to focus in the modern world is a lost martial art.” -A. Tane Last night, I colored a mandala in order to wind down and fall asleep. In lieu of watching television or a show on my laptop, I chose to silently color intricate lines. Nothing else. In that moment, I felt the power…Read more »

Day 4: Relax.

Today, I feel really good…it’s a clear day. I awoke after a very vivid dream…meditated…or attempted to. While sitting with sun shining on my bare back, many questions I’d been asking pertaining to career direction and school were answered clearly and thoroughly. The instructions flooded in. I paused to jot down what I was hearing…Read more »