Day 28: Touch

Humans are made for community and wired for connection. Like air and water, it’s a necessity. It’s not healthy to go long periods of time without mindful human touch. Whether a personal intimacy or sacred intentional service, humans need to feel the lovingpresence of one another. And those who go without, from infants to elders,…Read more »


I, knee deep, in daydreams See, glossy crimson lips Sticky, red candies Already, licked; not yet eaten. A, little post-it note attached reads: “Save some for later.” Laughter, tickles the underside of my belly Giddy, muses over Memory, playfully tussles under slats of dawn And, the vanishing night’s shadows. Salty, marine scents Dampen, cloth-turned-to-ringlets between…Read more »


and suddenly, i’m in the tick-boom of it all…pieces fly and soar past my face, shards of heat pierce my body – swollen and ripe from across the room. slowly lost – sense, dimension, orientation, sliding down walls – holding it in and wanting it all. i know what it is: you. wider and wider i…Read more »

Tough Emotions

sadness made love to me today, came up from under the sheets and wanted to spoon. i had to go…i had things to do, but he curled himself around my waist and said, “stay…just a lil while.” i gave him 3 days of me…lying in different contorted positions…twisting in elegance…alternating dominating and submission…always touching every…Read more »

Vignette: Secret

She didn’t want to move even though she knew better. Only he knew that even if she tried, he wouldn’t let her. Both feigned caution. Spooning shadows in filtered streetlights Breathing slowly in unison, speaking of responsibility and “right timing” … Appearing to tempt Fate on the surface, All the while hoping that Destiny Would…Read more »

To Be Seen

My whole life has been a perpetual question. And that is, Will you see me? – paraphrased from Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking As I sit alone… in my darkened room – two glass-encased white candles burning down their wicks – I feel a tingle in that space that lies two fingers-width down from the end…Read more »