Day 1: Keep Still

When I awoke this morning, the first thing I heard inside was “keep still.” As in:  whatever you’re about to do, don’t.  Did I do it? Nope! Instead, I checked my cell phone for missed calls and messages. I checked my email for the same. I made up my bed, eliminated, washed myself, prepared breakfast, chatted…Read more »

Exploring Happiness

A few days ago, I told a dear friend that I don’t consider myself a “happy person.” He looked surprised, at first. Then, a bit concerned, and finally, curious. I became self-conscious at my revelation, and silently reconsidered my words in his presence, felt their truth and nodded affirmatively, moreso to myself than anything. The…Read more »

Feel for the Soft…

Forget doing things for “end results.” There is no lasting satisfaction in that, for life is more cycling and rhythm than specific formulae and sum totals. Life is not math. Rather, feel for the soft embrace of your honesty and presence in this moment, and every now that follows. In this way, the journey is the…Read more »