Day 1: Keep Still

When I awoke this morning, the first thing I heard inside was “keep still.” As in:  whatever you’re about to do, don’t.  Did I do it? Nope! Instead, I checked my cell phone for missed calls and messages. I checked my email for the same. I made up my bed, eliminated, washed myself, prepared breakfast, chatted…Read more »


I am inviting you to join me for a 40-day Soul Challenge. It is a call to deepen into the truth within that we know is there, but we often avoid. No matter the reason for the avoidance, many times we stay on the shallow end of life because it’s comfortable. The responsibilities are few,…Read more »

Some’s Time

Sometimes we want something with all our hearts, and we are absolutely sure of it. We are sure it will work. We are sure this is the way. We are sure that we want this; after all, we’ve chosen it. And in this certainty we rest comfortably, forgetting that Life isn’t about comfort, certainty and correctness.…Read more »

Life Recipe: Uncertainty

In an age of instant gratification, it’s so tempting to want to know INSTANTLY what “will be.” As soon as someone asks for our phone number, we wonder if this “will be” the “ONE.” We accept a job offer and wonder, “Will this be good for me?” This intolerance for mystery can drive us to seeking…Read more »