PillowTalk: How To Beat the Game of Love

“Nobody wins in the game of love.”

This week I’m on a ROLL with some of the hardest lessons I’ve learned while playing the game of love. What is YOUR “win” in a relationship? What do you consider a “loss”? I delve into some of the most essential keys I’ve gathered in my experiences in intimate relationships. Enjoy, comment, share!

Love Lessons

I’ve walked away. I’ve stayed. I’ve had wrong timing, and perfect arrivals. I’ve longed for reconciliation and harbored resentment. I’ve released anger and found revival.

I’ve covered myself in sackcloth and ashes only to find that You require no such displays. I’ve stripped myself of all I’ve imagined to show the mortar and construction of my imperfect ways.

I’ve allowed myself to be misunderstood, knowing I have misunderstandings of my own. And in all of these doings I know I’ve become a little more like Love, and less alone.