Lovers Anonymous: Love Defined

This week, I share some of the most thought-provoking, non-romantic reflections on love I’ve come across recently. But I’m not sharing these definitions just to be “deep” or cool, this is information for transformation: if we don’t do anything differently with the information we receive what is the use? “…and love is an act of…Read more »

Lover’s Anonymous: A Woman’s Worth

“It’s hard to give something away for free, and then turn around and demand payment for it.” ~this dude The first thing I wondered was: does this apply to pussy too? Although this guy was speaking about the business of professional boxing, I couldn’t help but to apply it to relationships – and the pervasive tug-of-war…Read more »

Lover’s Anonymous: Love’s Making

Love makes us stronger by helping us embrace what we once called ‘weakness.’ Vulnerability, actually. That’s what we usually call “weakness.” In true, it’s the ability to be seen, touched and affected. And that can most certainly feel BOTH unnerving and intensely rewarding, depending on its reception. I once led a workshop with young women. At…Read more »