Love Listens

Love listens… neither to answer nor respond, not to judge, or approve. Simply to receive in full the Truth of All That Is, Moment to Moment, however He chooses to appear… and to fulfill the Truth of Who She Is Moment by Moment: A Ready Ear An Open Heart The Indomitable Force Who demands no worship…Read more »

I Let Love…

I let Love have Her way with me, make Herself in me. Within Her entry, I became soft and fleshy, dewy with saltwater from sudden bursts of sensation. My form was uncontained and endless: one moment a stream, the next a tree – whatever the Moment spoke, I became. I was lapping and hungry, fearful and…Read more »

“They Say” Love

Love ain’t nothin’ like what ‘they say’ – it knows Fear well. Just as sunlight kisses darkness on its way down galaxy’s hall, not judging, just being what it is; so does Love greet Fear tenderly, familiarly, as she goes along her way. The world’s greatest myth is that Love doesn’t know Fear just because she hasn’t become it. Image: “Letting…Read more »

Love Calls

Love calls forth a third – a greater, more highly-evolved expression that looms just beyond the “self.” She invites and inspires us to ever ‘fill in’ the fullness of her vastness. She ripples through us in waves of delight, and sometimes it scares us, but she is not the Fear. No. She is the indescribable sensation of Yes, the…Read more »

Love Draws…

Love draws all like Itself unto Itself. Asks for nothing; accepts everything. Creates a whirlwind of happenings where every phenomenon is a magical seed, full of miraculous potential.