Dear Wombs, You were not created to simply help or mate, you were created as whole FIRST. What you decide to do with your wholeness is up to you. You are the gateway to life. Remember being wild?  Remember being? Remember? Well, you were. We ALL were. We all can return, too. When’s the last…Read more »


I called, and you came: Compact stardust wrapped in contradiction, filled with kinetic energy. Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Before we knew it, I knew it… I swear I could feel your head lying on my shoulder before you ever lay your eyes on me, Invisible messengers ran ahead of you, Giddy with my kept secrets – sneak-peaked…Read more »

One Day…

One day, you’ll be considered “cool” if you know how to have a conversation without looking at an electronic device or if you’re able to handwrite a full page … One day, we’ll tell our daughters about the days when the brush of a lover’s thumb across our knuckles sent our belly into flutters… One…Read more »


There may come a day when I’m the only one … Writing letters with ink and pen addressed to those zapped in pixels, breathing analog memories into digital lips and lungs Memorizing phone numbers and birth dates, knowing by heart In a world that’s all absentminded, trusting devices to carry on their lives – I may…Read more »


I, knee deep, in daydreams See, glossy crimson lips Sticky, red candies Already, licked; not yet eaten. A, little post-it note attached reads: “Save some for later.” Laughter, tickles the underside of my belly Giddy, muses over Memory, playfully tussles under slats of dawn And, the vanishing night’s shadows. Salty, marine scents Dampen, cloth-turned-to-ringlets between…Read more »


Im inna de moment, flyin’ on a breath ‘n quick Im inna de rhythm, sauntering past your quiet conversation ‘n pretense Im inna de skin, breathin’ deep in a glow Im inna de dreamworld, the one you don’t believe … Im inna de scent you don’t know how it got in your sheets Im inna de gap…Read more »