Day 17: Communicate

“Tell me with your mouth closed.” – my soul I’ve become obsessed with finding my native tongue, to find a voice beyond speaking. I’ve tired of spoken words. I want silent music, untranslated sound, scribbles on paper that not one would dare pronounce.  I want the freedom to be misunderstood, and at peace with it…Read more »

Why a Baby Won’t Keep Your Lover

As I meet various birth clients, I sometimes discern that a woman has conceived in hopes of changing her partner’s mind about her or being in the relationship. The partner sits, often despondently, tossed between feelings of resentment, confusion, guilt, overwhelm, disgust, excitement, longing and other emotions, while the pregnant mother chatters nervously on behalf…Read more »

Lover’s Anonymous:F*ck it & LIVE!

WHAT’S “WRONG” My mother told me something the other day that changed my whole paradigm on everything. I had been feeling a bit down. Then she said: “You know, I thought about our conversation the other day, and I realized the biggest issue isn’t that you have separation anxiety; it’s that you think something is…Read more »