Day 24: Forgiveness

There is immense power in forgiveness, one that I frequently overlook because forgiveness is often my last resort to healing.   When in conflict, I’ll try everything else: the cold shoulder the cuss out/adult tantrum lying (rare, but done it) pretending everything’s okay when it isn’t going to therapy trying to “fix” others the waiting game…Read more »

Day 22: Next

“What’s next is now.” – Something Within If you’ve ever sat for an intuitive reading or traveled in those circles, you’ll know that the wise ones say, “I can only provide insight into what’s to come based on your energetic patterns now.” At any moment, any of us can change our minds, our hearts and…Read more »

Day 18: Gifts

“The paradox of gifts: I know what I have given you. I do not know what you have received.” – Dr. SunWolf You gave me a hug. I received reassurance.  You gave me a call. I received joy.  You gave me a night. I received a beautiful memory. You gave me silence. I received uncertainty.…Read more »

Day 17: Communicate

“Tell me with your mouth closed.” – my soul I’ve become obsessed with finding my native tongue, to find a voice beyond speaking. I’ve tired of spoken words. I want silent music, untranslated sound, scribbles on paper that not one would dare pronounce.  I want the freedom to be misunderstood, and at peace with it…Read more »

Day 16: Listen

The most important part of communication is listening. Today has been a day of tough conversations, imperfectly conducted (on my part). I did my best though. And I look forward to doing even better in the future.  Sometimes, I get my feelings hurt over my own refusal to listen. I’ll hear the words but not…Read more »

Day 13: Fear

The only thing “wrong” is that you think something’s wrong. -My Mama Fear gets a bad rap, but I’ve decided to befriend the old bastard. Fear has become that girlfriend that always got some shit to say about something I don’t particularly want to talk about, yet contains a kernel of necessary truth that I…Read more »