Day 26: Presence

Presence is being with (giving undivided attention, availing oneself) to all that is. Since starting this practice of Ho’oponopono, I’ve experienced a carousel of emotions – some connected to vivid, evocative daydreams, others simply washing through with disarming visceral effects.  Sadness…angst…curiosity…pensiveness…anger…hope…fatigue… They’ve come and gone, often melting into one another becoming an indescribable iridescent cocktail of emotions…Read more »

Day 11: Risk

“The problem isn’t in growing up; it’s in forgetting.” – “The Little Prince” (paraphrased) Living soulfully always requires risk. I began this journey to find my way back to living a life that’s lit from within…one that cuddles the intangible. I missed long easy laughs, sweet conversations, play dates on summer nights and writing poetry all evening…Read more »

Day 9: Keep Making Time

“Spending quality time with those you love – and who love you back – is the best way to make time matter.”        -Something within For years, I was ashamed of not “having my own place.” Not only could I feel other’s judgment of my seeming “developmental delay” in embracing Western society’s understanding…Read more »


I am inviting you to join me for a 40-day Soul Challenge. It is a call to deepen into the truth within that we know is there, but we often avoid. No matter the reason for the avoidance, many times we stay on the shallow end of life because it’s comfortable. The responsibilities are few,…Read more »