Woman Anonymous: Masks

Dear Woman, Masks are intriguing, but they were meant to come off. Yes, they are lovely for festivals and role playing, not so much for living your ACTUAL life. In fact the fear of being seen just may be the NUMBER ONE cause of your feeling so damn lonely and emotionally “put out” of your…Read more »

Vignette: Secret

She didn’t want to move even though she knew better. Only he knew that even if she tried, he wouldn’t let her. Both feigned caution. Spooning shadows in filtered streetlights Breathing slowly in unison, speaking of responsibility and “right timing” … Appearing to tempt Fate on the surface, All the while hoping that Destiny Would…Read more »

The Key of Love

The key of Love is that It isn’t always sung perfectly, but given time, It perfects those who will allow It to have Its way. Love never fails. It is all It says It is, even when we are not all we say we are – Love is gracious. And thank God for it, and…Read more »