“It’s not what I asked for/sometimes life just slips in through a back door/and carves out a person who makes you believe it’s all true.” ~ Sara Bareilles “She Used to Be Mine” It was my first time having a phone conversation with him since our meeting almost a week prior. I had suffered countless,…Read more »

PillowTalk: Wanting More

This week I explore my desire for a richer life experience, and ponder the balance between gratitude and wanting more. I also share 3 things I plan to do to introduce more fulfilling experiences. Enjoy, in joy, and feel free to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences below.

Lover’s Anonymous: Love’s Making

Love makes us stronger by helping us embrace what we once called ‘weakness.’ Vulnerability, actually. That’s what we usually call “weakness.” In true, it’s the ability to be seen, touched and affected. And that can most certainly feel BOTH unnerving and intensely rewarding, depending on its reception. I once led a workshop with young women. At…Read more »


I love my lines: Forehead expressions, corners of eyes… Thighs I’m decorated. See the remnants of a decade’s smile commemorated. I am not made of alabaster – Humanity wrapped in wHoliness colored with laughter, it’s the feeling I’m after. It’s the feeling I’m in.  The color of Earth, the sex of yin – I’ve been written…Read more »

Tough Emotions

sadness made love to me today, came up from under the sheets and wanted to spoon. i had to go…i had things to do, but he curled himself around my waist and said, “stay…just a lil while.” i gave him 3 days of me…lying in different contorted positions…twisting in elegance…alternating dominating and submission…always touching every…Read more »

Love Matters: Connection

Connection is not the same as interaction. Interaction is more of an involuntary call and response – the intentionless happening between two elements that come across each other’s path. In the case of humans, there usually isn’t much forethought or intense desire. Connection requires an opening: both elements allow themselves to be entered by the other…Read more »