Day 40: Continue

“A journey of a thousand miles always begins with the ground under your feet.” – my personal adaptation of Lao Tzu’s wisdom Evolution is a journey and process. It is a commitment to grow consciously rather than by default. It’s a choice to live on purpose, and know that everything worth it will cost something precious.…Read more »

Spontaneous Message

I receive these awesomely relevant and inspiring weekly astrological insights from Channi Nicholas’ website, and this is what was given to me today (right on time!): “Your REAL career is learning how to give yourself fully to whatever you are doing, so that whatever goodness can come of your labor is magnified.” – Channi Nicholas…Read more »

Sum (of the) Times: Calling All Women

Evolution is NEVER televised. ~herstory The time has come. And Google can’t tell you how to do it; it’s innate. We can’t google return to origins – to wisdom and wellness. And the time for returning has come. RE-turn (v.): turn around, turn again, change direction  Wellness is every woman’s birthright:  no matter her circumstance, background, location or…Read more »