PillowTalk: I Woke Up Like This

Look, we’ve all heard it said, “Men are logical” or know what it means when they someone whispers at a 50-year anniversary, “She’s a good woman.” Well, this week, I muster up my sauce and share four myths that get under my skin regarding men and women.  


Dear Wombs, You were not created to simply help or mate, you were created as whole FIRST. What you decide to do with your wholeness is up to you. You are the gateway to life. Remember being wild?  Remember being? Remember? Well, you were. We ALL were. We all can return, too. When’s the last…Read more »

Woman Anonymous: Masks

Dear Woman, Masks are intriguing, but they were meant to come off. Yes, they are lovely for festivals and role playing, not so much for living your ACTUAL life. In fact the fear of being seen just may be the NUMBER ONE cause of your feeling so damn lonely and emotionally “put out” of your…Read more »